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The CollectX marketplace connects businesses with hundreds of qualified collectors who make offers for their past due receivables.


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How it works

Businesses List Debts

Businesses list single customer debts or debt portfolios in the CollectX Marketplace.

Local and national debt collectors review and bid on debt listings best suited to their expertise.

Collectors Make Offers

The debt listing receives auction offers for commission on collection or upfront purchase along with other bidding terms unique to each auction.

Start Collecting

The CollectX platform seamlessly handles the auction, contract, and debt exchange between all parties to ensure adequate information is provided, privacy and compliance are followed, and collection can begin.


Your past-due invoices are available for qualified collectors to bid on. Get the best rate, terms, and collection expertise by choosing the perfect agency or buyer.

Increase the value and recovery rates of past-due accounts, get multiple offers and select the most compatible collector.


Unparalleled access to quality debt listings.

Fast bidding on the best debts matched by location, industry, and expertise.

Increase recovery rates through bidding on the best debts for your firm.

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    Our vision is to innovate and grow as the premier online platform for debt value facilitation. In addition to making the process easy for both sides, CollectX ensures the highest data integrity for compliance and provides a fair value by calculating the recovery rate of specific debts, portfolios, and agency effectiveness. No more guessing if a debt is collectible!

    We’ve put together a winning team with many decades of expertise to empower you and make your job easier. You can be certain that we’ll continue to work hard to ensure that you have access to a fast and seamless debt collection platform powered by the latest technology.


    Nearly all businesses have money owed to them from delinquent payment customers. Businesses may eventually have to write off these debts as a loss, but should always pursue the most value by contracting a third party that specializes in recovering debts for a commission (debt collection agency) or purchasing the debt at a discount (debt buyer).

    The process to vet and contract companies willing to purchase or recover aging debt is archaic, time consuming, and requires expertise negotiating to ensure you receive the highest value.

    CollectX was created by a team of serial technology entrepreneurs to solve the inefficient and ineffective processes historically hindering both businesses and collectors by creating a unique value-driven marketplace.


    If you’re a Business looking to list your debts in our marketplace or if your company is a Collector, please start by filling out the form.

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